Our Clients

JTFM enjoys working with a wide range of clients.

We help clients set their objectives and select investment managers to deliver them. We have ongoing relationships with many and our roles include sitting on investment committees, advising trustees and attending annual or quarterly meetings.

Investments advised on range in size from £4 million to over £5 billion

The age range of clients who employ us directly runs from 23 to 81. The priorities and concerns vary hugely over these groups. We deal with trust beneficiaries of every age.

We believe that there is a lot of positive change in the industry with new entrants and existing managers changing the way that they deliver their service. There is also a considerable amount of expensive mediocrity which is very difficult to navigate without experience and expertise.

Against this background the team at JTFM adds value by helping clients set strategy, navigate change, monitor investments and oversee investment managers.

Chris Tottle – Director and Co-Founder of JTFM


“You have been wonderful with us all on our investment journey, I totally appreciate everything you do for us. Your patience and advice never goes unnoticed.”

“Thank you for your help from a personal perspective. I have listened carefully to what you have said throughout and I don’t think we could have asked for a better partner to take us through this process.”

“JTFM did an excellent job guiding my intelligent, but financially inexperienced, clients through the process of investment manager selection. They have a knack for explaining matters in a way that is understood by clients and are adept at cutting through the arcane sophistry of the investment profession.”

“Many thanks for an enjoyable and informative meeting. As you have probably realised it is very important for us to have a team who not only look after us but with whom we feel relaxed and have confidence in. Welcome to the team.”

“Under your guidance we have made significant progress in a short space of time. I’ve particularly appreciated your patience in helping us on this journey.”

“Happy to strongly recommend JTFM who will take all the hard work out of the process for you; and then hold your hand on an ongoing basis thereafter if you wish. We thought great value also. Rather like a good accountant, they have more than paid for themselves in savings elsewhere and above benchmark returns.”

“The JTFM RFPs are right at the top end for quality in the private client space.”

“I have been very impressed with the professionalism of the JTFM team. They have a strong ability to guide clients and help them form investment policies, and then importantly introduce investment professionals not just suitable for the mandates but also for the people involved. This is all done with huge charm and clear thinking, and good feedback following presentations.”

Working with Clients

We are completely independent and our only source of revenue is from the fees that we charge to our clients directly. This enables us to avoid conflicts and demonstrate complete alignment of interests with those of our clients.

Below are some examples of recent work we have done with clients:

  • Setting investment objectives and developing policy
  • Reporting and assessing performance
  • Formulating investment strategy
  • Manager and investment selection
  • Ongoing advice and monitoring
  • Reports for trustees
  • Integrating investments with tax advice
  • Specialist project work
  • Consolidated reporting and analysis
  • Creation of and participation in independent investment boards
  • Investment strategy for minor beneficiaries
  • Investment due diligence

We are always happy to have an initial, no obligation, discussion with you to see where we may be able to add value to you.

Olivia Hancock, Director, JTFM