JTFM enjoys working with a wide range of clients.

We have ongoing relationships with many and our roles include sitting on investment committees, advising trustees and attending annual or quarterly meetings.

Investments advised on range in size from £5M to over £3,000M.

The age range of clients who employ us directly runs from 23 to 86. The priorities and concerns vary hugely over these groups. We deal with trust beneficiaries of every age.

“Thank you for your extremely readable report which has given us confidence in our approach. It provides a good ‘base’ from which to think more about our investment approach and how to involve the younger generation. “
“We look forward to continuing our work together. You have certainly made sense to a lot of us about what before (for me, anyway!) seemed incomprehensible.”
“Thank you for explaining all aspects succinctly, you hit the right note between enough information and not overload. Brilliant!”
“JTFM did an excellent job guiding my intelligent, but financially inexperienced clients, through the process of investment manager selection. They have a knack for explaining matters in a way that is understood by clients and are adept at cutting through the arcane sophistry of the investment profession.”
“JTFM build a good rapport with their clients enabling them to truly understand their clients’ investment objectives and goals. They make the prospect of finding an investment manager less daunting and cut through the jargon.”
“JTFM have been helpful with technical investment advice on large and complex client matters.”
“Many thanks for an enjoyable and informative meeting. As you have probably realised it is very important for us to have a team who not only look after us well but with whom we feel relaxed and have confidence in. Welcome to that team.”
“Thank you for your advice and support. All going extremely well.”
“JTFM provided a practical report with clear actionable advice. Very well received by all parties.”
“JTFM’s RFPs are the most consistent and ask pertinent, relevant questions of investment managers.”
“The Trustees commissioned JTFM to carry out a review of their investment managers, which highlighted the need for, and eventually led to a search for a new, complimentary manager. The evaluation and process was managed all-in-all by JTFM. We were very impressed with the evaluation work that was carried out by them and are very happy at the outcome.”
“It’s been a real pleasure to work with you both and thank you for all your technical support as well as sage advice.”
“Big thank you to for your professionalism, tact and all round excellence.”
“The JTFM team is clearly sensitive to clients’ needs and requirements. This, with a good understanding of investment managers, helps to ensure the selection processes they manage are effective and efficient for all involved.”
“Excellent job. Keep up the good work.”
“I cannot recommend JTFM’s services highly enough. Their knowledge and expertise have proved invaluable to me and the ability to translate technical, complex information in a straightforward, practical way has made all the difference, enabling me to make the right decisions, at the right time.”
“I have been very impressed with the professionalism of the JTFM team. They have a strong ability to guide clients and help them form investment policies, and then importantly introduce investment professionals not just suitable for the mandates but also for the people involved. This is all done with huge charm and clear thinking, and good feedback following presentations.”
“The initial brief on your documents is extremely helpful, covering all the essential angles to give us an impression of the client and their situation so that our proposal can be tailored to their requirements, and we rarely need to follow up for any further details.”
“The JTFM RFPs are right at the top end for quality in the private client space.”
“Just wanted to say that I thought yesterday’s presentation went really well. Everyone was very impressed and pleased – both on the meeting and the report. Thank you.”
“We introduced one of the firm’s most prominent trust clients to JTFM for a thorough review of their investment strategy and to assist with an investment manager selection process following the arrival of some significant new cash. The trustees were delighted with JTFM’s expert guidance, wisdom and judgement and, as advisers to the trustees, we felt thoroughly supported throughout. JTFM provide an absolutely first-class service and manage to deliver precisely what is required in an unfalteringly user-friendly way.”
“I have found the JTFM team to have a warm and approachable manner. They have demonstrated that they use a considered and rational thought process in analysing their clients’ needs which translates to a keen understanding of the situation under review and clear requests/instructions to the (potential) manager. Their communication is excellent and I have always found them a pleasure to deal with.”
“Where we have been asked to pitch for an investment mandate we value the experience and expertise the JTFM team have. We are always well briefed on the mandate and know exactly what is asked of us.”
“JTFM provide valuable, independent advice in a complex investment market.”